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Mike's Photos From The Road #59
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just west of melbourne, australia, the road hugs the ocean providing spectacular views of gorgeous rock formations. i rented a car and drove the whole thing, starting from the western side where i pulled over and snapped this shot: THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD.
me in front of the bay of islands.
thunder cave. the ferocity of the crashing water in here had me lingering for a while.
caves and grottoes form in the sandstone from the force of the waves.
colors, sounds, the splashing of the ocean - they let you walk right down inside thunder cave for an up-close experience.
the stars of the great ocean road are the 12 apostles. this was my first view of them. i took 10,000 pictures, trying to find the perfect shot.
another shot with a couple more apostles in it.
the land around the GOR is rolling green hills filled with farms, lighthouses, and cows. the road was shut down for a few minutes while these ladies slowly walked along it.
toward the end of the road - not as spectacular but very nice over the entire length of it.
those rolling green hills i was talking about. that's my car there, the blue one. you dig it?
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