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Mike's Photos From The Road #60
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i stayed at the greenhouse hostel in melbourne, australia for 3 weeks. i met a great group of people who i spent some fun times with. often we just hung out in the hostel drinking beers and shooting the shit. here is ollie chatting up some irish birds.
miles from ireland makes a nice face for the camera.
i hung out with manuella from italy a bit, walking through the botanical gardens and chilling in jazz clubs, but she was a murderer when you got her in the kitchen.
max, an 18 year old american kid from new york, poses in his sunday best. this guy was traveling the world by himself and making a major impression on everyone he met. what a character. when i was 18, i was at home scared still clinging to my mother, afraid of the world outside, probably wetting the bed still too.
paul from canada sitting next to max. this guy was another major character. he played hockey back home (with friends who are now in the pros) but injuries cut his career short. now he travels the world and gets kicked out of hostels - he got kicked out of ours for soliciting new guests while drunk off his ass.
johnny from england sits next to ollie (also from england.)
andy from england hugs an empty carton of carlton draught beer...
...and then he shows you the perfect accompanying backpacker meal: cheese curls on a roll with ketchup (or as the ozzies say, tomato sauce.)
i ventured out once to tour the melbourne gaol. ned kelly, a bank robber in oz in the late 1800s, was put to death in this prison. i watched a short play about his life and at the end posed with the actors in the actual spot he was hung, wearing ned's hat.
and then, to continue the morbid theme, i took a morbid picture of myself.
and then i topped off the morbid day by writing a morbid story in the state library of melbourne.
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