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Mike's Photos From The Road #66
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hello! hi! i can stand all by myself with a big hunk of sand behind me in karamea, new zealand. hi! hello!
oh my great good god, something just rose out of the tasman sea and is coming this way to kill me!!! oh no!!!! oh. wait. that's just sharon.
oh no! oh my god! something came up out of the tasman sea and dragged her back in with it!!! filthy monster from the sea!!! what will i tell her parents?! my lord! oh, hold on.....she just walked behind me as i took another photo. my mistake.
hmmm, that water shore looks nice, looks almost like, wait, that isn't what i think it is? IS THAT WATER MADE OF LIQUIFIED GOLD?!?!?!? IS IT?!?!?!
yore darn tootin' it is!!! i froze me up a whole bucket full and bought me and sharon drinks all night long with golden ice. we left the bar before it thawed.
i took a few hours and built a scale model of the grand canyon on the shores of the river, either that or it was this way when i found it....i can't remember.
geez, sharon, these here birds shore are fr'enly. think if i's un hunker down on my back and ben' m' knee the crazy critters'll land on me? wooooeeee, looky there!!!
geez, ken i have a closer look, please? shore can, pardner.
now do that again, mr bird fellow, and flap yer wings this time. there you go!
driving down the road again heading for hokitika gorge. scenery ain't too shabby, is it? oh, this is a major road in new zealand, by the way.
there goes the sun again. guess we'll call it a day.
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