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Mike's Photos From The Road #68
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on our second try, sharon and i were able to hike the franz josef glacier on the west coast of the south island of new zealand. here is our first good look at it right before we started to climb it.
crampons: the huge spikes you have to attach to your shoes in order to walk on a solid hunk of ice.
they make it easy on you at the start; they carve out steps in the ice.
a view of the valley at the bottom of the glacier.
sharon's first moment on the actual glacier.
and mine...
it didn't take long before we were surrounded by ice. here i am between two solid sheets.
we were in a small group of about seven people.
it takes a long time just to get to the glacier, so shortly after getting on the ice we stopped for lunch.
after lunch we got into the real interesting stuff.
sharon looks back after disappearing in between walls of ice.
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