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Mike's Photos From The Road #69
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sharon walks between blue walls of ice on the franz josef glacier.
blue ice, blue sky.
the hike was treacherous in parts; lots of climbing and descending crevasses. here is sharon going straight down a giant block of ice.
we had to squeeze through ice caves also. here is a look through the cave at sharon's leg before she exited the other side.
after getting through the cave we all paused for a bit.
in some parts, the ice rose like cliffs.
the people look pretty small compared to these waves of ice.
me striking the adventurer's pose.
a frenchman on the ice.
we had to climb straight up sometimes too.
a chick in the group heading into a crevasse.
sharon looks up at me right before i descend into the crevasse.
done for the day we head back.
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