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Mike's Photos From The Road #6a
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one of my traveling partners throughout portugal recently sent me his photos of our time together there. so almost a year and a half later, i am now posting pictures of the only country previously un-represented on my website. thanks phil.
the pena palace, perched high on a mountain top above sintra, portugal.
the walkways in lisbon were quite nice.
me, matt, and phil "number two" hanging out in the hostel in lisbon.
phil from australia at the bottom in the middle, jack from the u.s. with his hand on my shoulder - my two traveling partners throughout portugal, as well as matt from canada and phil "number two" from france, all hanging in the hostel in lisbon.
the riverfront square in lisbon.
phil, jack, and i went to a bullfight across the river from lisbon. much different than the fights in spain.
and the main difference in the portguese version is captured in this and the next picture. some crazy guy prods the bull to charge and then takes the full impact right in the stomach.
and then the bull continues to plow through all his buddies, at which time they all wrestle the bull to the ground. insanity, and very entertaining. you can see the guy who got hit by the bull lying face down on the ground - they carted him off in a stretcher.
the main square in lisbon at night.
the bridge over the duero river in porto, portugal, the birthplace of port wine.
we toured a few of the port wine lodges. here is the cellar of taylor's wine lodge.
phil and i taking a rest on some barrels.
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