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Mike's Photos From The Road #70
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a gallery dedicated to the canyon swing in queenstown, new zealand, which provided the greatest thrill of my life
we made our way to queenstown, the adrenaline junkie's mecca. sounded good, and then i saw it...

wait...i'm not jumping off that am i? did i really sign myself up to do that? indeed i did. i signed sharon and i up to leap off the shotover canyon on the canyon swing, plummetting 109 meters (360 feet) to the river below where a swing was to rocket us to the other side in a 200 meter (660 foot) arc at well over 130 km/hr (81 mph.) this was my first view of it and the exact moment when i questioned my sanity.
kitted up and about ready to go. the sunglasses are hiding the wimpy tears in my eyes.
i got to the edge and, unfortunately, looked over it. bad, bad idea. i paused for one full minute (it felt like an hour), while the two guys whispered soothing encouragement into my ear. they had to resort to the countdown: 3....2....1....JUMP MOTHERFUCKER! i found all the sisu i had inside me, backed up a few paces, and leapt...
...gravity took me....
...i began to plummet towards the snaking river...
i had my camera taped to my hand and caught my reaction towards the bottom - looks like i was enjoying it...
this photo captures the bellow of excitement you expel when you realize you've lived through something absolutely ridiculous like the canyon swing.
going up. look at the top right of the picture at the tiny platform dangling on the lip of the canyon. that's where i fell from.
pulled back onto the platform by the guy, huge smile on my face. i have never felt that way in my life, the electricity shooting through my forearms is something i will never forget. about five minutes after this photo was taken i flung myself off it again - it's addictive. three weeks later i did three bungy jumps on the same day, which is documented in a following gallery.

do the canyon swing if you go to new zealand
i purchased this photo afterwards. the guys reacting with mock fright to my leap was so hilarious i had to have it.
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