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Mike's Photos From The Road #73
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the winter festival was going off in queenstown while i was there. one day i went with an english girl named pip, whom i met on the bus, up to coronet peak where a snowboard half-pipe competition was going on. we hitchhiked there with two american girls in a campervan. they pulled off the road to take pictures of the blanket of clouds hanging over queenstown so i jumped out too.
on the road up to coronet peak with the remarkables piercing the clouds behind me.
pip jumped into the second picture.
the view improved even more at the top of coronet peak.
another angle. that's me on the rock, by the way. did you know that? you did? ok, i'll shut up then. ignore me. i'm sure you already were.
so, as i mentioned, there was a half-pipe competition going on...
skiers got into it too.
pip and i rode the chairlift down the mountain after the competition was over. we had to get back into town for mardi gras. queenstown has a mardi gras every year in the middle of the winter. on the ride down pip was telling me how she was going to dress up for the outdoor festival which included live music, a parade, and lots of beer. hmmm, dress up, eh?
we got back into town and pip helped me pick out my outfit.


oh yes. yes definitely. i'm not holding anything back out here, why start now? i always wanted to dress like a woman once so what better time than at mardi gras in new zealand?
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