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Mike's Photos From The Road #74
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pip and i before the mardi gras festivities got going. we dressed up for queenstown's annual celebration but almost no one else did - we were somehow misinformed. there were about 10,000 people at the festival, but only nine of us dressed up. however we were the life of the party. awesome night.
close-up of pip the diva as the town started rocking.
we stuck close together since we felt like freaks when outside the group. we were literally the only ones dressed up. graham from england, matty from oz, me, pip, pete from oz, and brian from oz.
about an hour later, matt, from oklahoma, made a big entrance as a fairy. the two american guys both parading around in dresses. wonder what they think of us now? what a fun guy - i laughed for 10 minutes after first seeing him. "let's get some beers and get down!" he howled as the band on stage was playing disco music.
i forgot what matt's buddy in the red was supposed to be. forgot his name too.
joanne from switzerland had some rastafarian thing going on. whatever man, just do it with a smile.
after recovering from their initial shock at the sight of our costumes, the locals started mingling with us. as i said, we were the life of the party. everyone wanted to talk to us.
vicki from london hung out with us the whole night despite accidently leaving her costume at home (lie.)
as we wandered around to the bars we began to find some other people dressed up. matt was desperately hoping to get arrested by this "cop."
do you think this hurts my chances of becoming president of the united states someday?
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