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Mike's Photos From The Road #77
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a gallery of mount cook/aoraki (maori for "cloud piercer") national park in new zealand
mary i and headed out of queenstown towards christchurch where she had to catch a flight back to sydney. we spent two days in the national park taking small hikes and oohing and aahing at the spectacular scenery.
tasman lake, formed by the melting tasman glacier.
mary takes in the view of the lake.
and then she sits by the lake.
and then she turns around and takes a picture of me behind her.
you can get some nice reflections off the lake despite the murky water.
as i was saying...
some of the lakes though had incredibly blue water, almost like paint.
lots of snow-capped mountains in mount cook national park.
and, finally....(drum roll please)......MOUNT COOK! my final picture of the wonderful country called new zealand. this mountain, mount cook, aoraki, is the symbol of the country so it is a fitting end to this gallery and to my photographic coverage of new zealand's stunning beauty.
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