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Mike's Photos From The Road #78
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if you have no idea what this page is all about,
go read the story and then come back here...
above and below the broken bone you see what a normal
vertebrae looks like. the middle one has the bottom
right corner busted off it.
the same shot as the last one but with a circle around
the break.
another view. look at the bottom vertebrae.
same as the last one but with a circle around the break.
one more of just the broken vertebrae and the one
above it. uhhh, gee dude. something looks wrong with
that bottom one.
same shot circled.
the preceeding six shots were the "before" shots. here is the after. this is a super close-up of my fourth lumbar vertebrae, no longer broken.

were the preceeding shots just bad x-rays?

or did the bone somehow heal itself?

what do you believe? i don't know what to say. i just know that my back feels fine now and that i am thankful to be ok.
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