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Mike's Photos From The Road #79
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lying in a hospital bed, sad. i have a broken back at this point, not feeling too good.
hard to be happy when this is your view for 6 days and you can't move.
but that's where friends come in. belen, the first woman to x-ray me at a different hospital, stopped by to see how i was doing, and then david, the husband of my spanish professor came by also. my spirits brightened considerably.
belen brought a friend along who helped cheer me up also.
belen even cut up my food and fed me.
i still look like shit but i am feeling happier in this picture. i get by with a little help from my friends.
the next day, carolina, my spanish professor in mendoza, showed up to accompany me to another hospital for an MRI.
the ambulance driver pushes me on the stretcher towards the waiting ambulance. wait...is this really happening?
yes it is. take it as it comes. roll with the punches. try to smile. keep on keepin' on.
these smiles are partially to do with courage but mostly to do with the intoxication i felt from disbelief: there i was in argentina with a broken back. would i be able to walk, run, ski again? perhaps the worst day of my life.
about to be stuffed into an MRI for a closer examination of my spine.
my back has been healed?!?! it is no longer broken?!?! what? huh? how?
well then, check me out of this place - i've got the world to see. leaving the hospital, my backpack riding in the wheelchair rather than me.
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