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Mike's Photos From The Road #80
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my first week in mendoza was great. i was having fun with rob from england...
...and arjin and meika from the netherlands.
had fun dodging the gringo hunter. here she is contemplating the trap she will set for rob and i.
here she is pouncing. gringo hunters are chicks looking to bag themselves a "rich" western guy. i didn't have the heart to tell her that i'm jobless, homeless, car-less, and broke. i'm a bum, gringo hunter; you don't want me. i didn't say that, i thought it.
so the four previous photos were taken a few days before my back incident. the following photos are of the first days of my recovery.

as soon as my sister debra (dobja) learned of my back injury, she bought a plane ticket from los angeles to mendoza. here we are sitting on the front porch of the damajuana hostel. thanks for visiting sis - it meant so much to me. i love you.
we headed into the andes, the second highest mountain range in the world. i had a promise to keep with my mom.
an old-ass stone bridge in the andes.
top of the world, ma! to my left, not pictured, is aconcagua, the tallest peak in the andes at about 7000 meters (23,100 feet.)
natural hot springs in the andes, used primarily in the summer.
after the baths we began the descent in our tour bus. here is the top.
the middle, the snow disappearing.
the bottom, desert-like.
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