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Mike's Photos From The Road #81
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enough of this serious shit! my back is fine, the wine is flowing, i am surrounded by new friends...
it's time to party! with whitney from the u.s. at the damajuana hostel.
dougy, my roommate from australia.
juan and santiago from buenos aires.
vip from england, maxi and diego from buenos aires, and nelson from mendoza, partying (and flipping me off) at the damajuana.
jakob from germany gets into it.
kevin from the u.s. and ann from switzerland after too much malbec.
emiliano from buenos aires.
i became pals with the awesome staff of the damajuana hostel. here i am with nico getting nutty.
diego chokes on an empanada while laughing.
we often played a card game called carnage cards. things got crazy about an hour into it. whitney from the u.s. and emma from england demonstrating their approval.
"that empanada didn't kill me after all, boludos!"
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