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Mike's Photos From The Road #83
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on the floor of my hostel in mendoza, evan, from montana, cuts the stitches out of arjin's, from telluride, colorado, chest. those boys out west are hard core.
nelson, lorena, and nico, part of the excellent staff at the damajuana hostel in mendoza.
becky, from england, in the common room of the hostel.
diego, from buenos aires, salutes the camera.
me, whitney - i look horrible but it's a nice picture of her...
maxi, from buenos aires, and i.
maxi closely examines the empanadas. all over argentina and uruguay they are a great snack, breading filled with beef, chicken, ham and cheese, mmmm, good.
nelson, from mendoza, and i. nelson is the first person i had a full conversation in spanish with. he was very patient with me, speakingly slowly and explaining words i didn't understand. we talked every night, sometimes for hours, all in spanish. what a great feeling.
one night in the hostel, a massive group of german women flooded in. i could not pronounce their names but here are some pictures of them. german #1.
i have not seen a woman crocheting since i used to watch my mom do it while she watched t.v. this german girl brought her needles and yarn into the common room and immersed herself in it. my mom was half-german...hmmmmmmm....
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