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Mike's Photos From The Road #84
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continuing from the last gallery, here is another girl of the german invasion on the hostel in mendoza.
let's look over at the german seamstress again. wow. look at her go!
here i am with carlos from buenos aires. i am wearing his hat.
paul is from england, but since his mother is irish and since he has lived all over the world, he is almost impossible to understand when he speaks. fun guy.
judith, from germany, is one of the nicest people i have met on my trip.
arggh! what is his name? this guy is from buenos aires - many people make the drive from BA to mendoza for a long weekend - and i had a great time talking with him, but his name escapes me.
me, lorena, and the nameless man.
ann, from switzerland, tries to sleep amid the chaos of the hostel.
jessica and kevin, from the u.s., enjoy a laugh. i have been amazed at the north americans down here - they all seem to be fluent in spanish. i did not expect that. a pleasant surprise.
pato, on the left, is argentine. he stayed at the hostel for a long time, even longer than me. he was often the head chef for the asados. he and i played guitar and sang to the crowd after each asado.
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