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Mike's Photos From The Road #85
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as i said in the previous gallery, pato and i rocked the hostel, singing and playing guitar. i set down my guitar for a moment to take this shot of him.
lauren, from oz, was captivated by our performance.
hanging on the couch with santiago from buenos aires and melanie from germany.
about once every six months i "smoke" a cigar. santiago kept feeding them to me on this night so i ended up smoking about four of them. i get to have one again in the spring of 2008. with judith and nico.
a great shot of santiago, judith, nico, and i looking at nothing.
judith and nico, all smiles. judith has brilliant green eyes.
i stole juan's license and snapped a shot of it. an argentine driver's license. wish i looked more like him so i could pass this off as my own - some bastard stole mine in indonesia and now i cannot legally drive.
you quickly become close to your fellow travelers out here on the road, especially when red wine comes into the picture. lots of hellos, lots of goodbyes.
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