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Mike's Photos From The Road #87
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plaza espana in mendoza, my favorite of the five squares in town.
a mural in plaza espana.
another one.
and me crouching in front of one, ruining the picture. hey man, just gotta prove i was there, you know?
i took my saviors, friends, david and carolina out for dinner on my last night in mendoza. carolina was my spanish professor and david is her husband.
also on my last day in mendoza, i collected my payment for my first published article. here i am posing with a bottle of malbec and champagne.
a great thing about backpacking is that you often make friends in one city and then end up meeting them again in the next city. dougy was my roommate in mendoza and then i saw him again in buenos aires. of course we had to celebrate that.
and, as always, you also meet great new people at each stop. here i am with aidan from england.
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