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Mike's Photos From The Road #89
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the second of two galleries dedicated to the magnificent iguazu falls in argentina.
looking down the river, away from the devil's throat.
another shot.
it's not just one waterfall; it's an entire park filled with waterfalls. they just keep going and going. here is one of many perspectives on a group of falls.
getting closer to the falls. they let you get real close.
i am in the red jacket, about as close to the falls as you can get. the noise is deafening and the spray saturating.
later when i climbed up, i took a shot of people on the viewing platform that i stood on in the previous shot.
my god man. look at that!
i am not superimposed in the this photo. i was there, man.
the noise, the water, the jungle surrounding it, it all looked like some movie set of the garden of eden - and then the rainbow came out and made it complete.
of course these pictures are garbage. you absolutely have to see this to appreciate it. i was blown away, even with my lofty expectations.
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