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Mike's Photos From The Road #91
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buenos aires, argentina looks like a european city. fabulous architecture throughout the capital city of argentina. here is the congresional building.
i don't know if i have ever been to a city with more protests. groups continually march through the streets shouting out their displeasure at anything and everything.
will from england and i hanging out in plaza de mayo. unreal how horrible i look.
in plaza de mayo with hannah from england. the pink building behind me is the presidental palace - constant police presence in the park protecting him.
recoleta is a dramatic cemetary in buenos aires. the great architecture isn't reserved solely for the living i suppose....
eva perron, or as she is more well known, evita, is buried in this cemetary. most of the tombs are nicer than the hostel i stayed at in buenos aires.
hope the bones appreciate their lovely resting places.
nice statues are scattered throughout the place. don't know that my ego is quite so big that i would erect a statue of someone weeping over my grave.
a morbid maze.
the sun sets on the dead.
will and i hanging out in the ostinatto hostel where my laptop was stolen. sorta back to short hair in this pic.
will having a smoke and acting stupid out on the balcony of the hostel in san telmo, the oldest neighborhood in BA.
i had my laptop stolen the day after i met nicole from brasil...i almost didn't even miss it.
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