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Mike's Photos From The Road #92
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for my last night in buenos aires i gathered a crowd of friends and went out for mexican food. deigo, maxi, and fernando, whom i met in mendoza, came out with us. tina from austria, tatayana from germany, will and hannah from england. great crowd in a great city having a great time.
the waiter set down the drinks he was delivering and picked up will's camera for this shot.
he was delivering the tequila shots that were about to mess up the night.
really had some great times with diego and maxi in mendoza so i was very happy to meet them for some more partying in their hometown of buenos aires.
these guys are a lot of fun, especially when they start drinking tequila.
i don't think there is a serious picture of deigo anywhere in his family's photo albums.
when diego and maxi saw my hairstyle for the night they laughed their asses off. i thought i was fitting in in stylish buenos aires but apparently not.
i met christina from austria in santiago, chile. she came over to buenos aires for a week and was around for my last night.
will and i spent about a month together so i felt very comfortable displaying my affection for him. hannah is actually biting him.
we headed to a club after the bar ran out of tequila and i demonstrated my typical affection for the camera. i had a great time in buenos aires despite all that happened to me there. very fun last night.
i met marianella from buenos aires in mendoza and met up with her on my last afternoon in ba. here she is in front of one of the many murals in san telmo.
she and i.
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