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Mike's Photos From The Road #93
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from buenos aires i headed down the east coast of argentina to puerto madryn, a 18 hour bus journey south. the area is so peaceful and sparsely populated, making it a great area for viewing wildlife.
for my time in southern argentina (patagonia) i am traveling with lauren from tasmania, australia. here she is on the black sand beach.
on this day we were at punta loma to see the sea lions which sleep, eat, and fight on the beach.
i would say there were about 200-300 of them laying on the shore.
the cliffs of punta loma were made of soft yellow stone that felt like sponge.
black mussels covered the ground near the water.
i no longer felt like i was in argentina. everywhere else i had been was so built up. puerto madryn is a small city in the middle of nowhere.
we walked around for a couple hours and enjoyed the peace and quiet. so nice to be out of buenos aires.
loved the black sand of the beach.
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