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Mike's Photos From The Road #94
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close to puerto madryn is punta valdes, a wildlife playground for sea lions, elephant seals, penguins, and sonright whales. lauren and i went on a tour and took some shots from our boat which was surrounded by massive whales.
another shot.
elephant seals only live on islands but they are tricked by punta valdes which looks to them like an island. these big boys weigh about 4000kgs (8800 pounds.) amazing to see them move at all. it's a wave of blubber.
there are armadillos running around also.
and human beings, looking over the cliff edge at penguins.
the shoreline was so cool, and choked with seals, sea lions and elephant seals.
even though i have seen so much scenery on this trip i am still continually amazed by the beauty of this world.
i loved the place as much as all the magnificent creatures who inhabit it.
i could stare out over it for hours.
lauren dug it too.
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