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Mike's Photos From The Road #95
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lauren and i headed deeper into patagonia. here i am in el calafate where the spectacular perito moreno glacier waited for us to explore it.
lauren poses in front of the glacier. we rounded the corner on our bus and this was our first view.
we had to trek over some rough terrain to get closer to it....
we drew even closer but since the thing is so huge it looks a lot closer than it is.
if you didn't want to walk to it you could take a boat.
wow, this is cool, hey mike? gimme that camera and i will take a photo of you in front of it.
me and one incredible chunk of ice.
i mean seriously. look at this!
that is one massive glacier.
the area in which we hiked provided different perspectives on the glacier. this is the through-the-tree look.
all kinds of viewing platforms let you see it from all levels as well. we went all the way to the bottom for a closer look.
this glacier made the franz josef in new zealand look like an ice cube in someone's backyard.
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