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Mike's Photos From The Road #96
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the next day we went on a boat tour of some other glaciers. we rode around in a boat for about 8 hours, drifting through the amazing scenery and cruising right up to the edge of the giant ice rivers. here we are acting stupid in the boat.
lunch time yet? lauren reaching into her bag for a snack.
lauren out on the deck of the ship as we sail through the national park of the glaciers.
and i'm on the same boat, but acting much more stupid than her.
the ship continually danced around giant icebergs that are hunks of ice shed by the glaciers. i kept thinking "titanic." i sang celine dion songs for the whole afternoon.
the surrounding land was full of glaciers and waterfalls.
lots of icebergs. celine, guide us safely past them!
there were a few others boats around checking out the glaciers.
we came right up to the face of the spegazzini glacier. the blue ice shimmered in the sparse sunlight, a shade of blue i don't remember ever seeing before.
we got off the boat and walked to a lake for lunch. what a spot for a ham sandwich. the water was filled with ice from the three glaciers that crept down to it from the mountains.
me ruining a photo of an incredible lake.
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