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Mike's Photos From The Road #97
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from el calafate, lauren and i headed to el chalten, a tiny town of about 250 people. the streets are dirt, the buildings are shacks and the scenery is incredible. this is where i wanted to spend my birthday, november 15, so we got there a few days before and booked in for some treks into the mountains.
here's the hostel we stayed at for five nights.
there isn't much of a social scene in patagonia, especially in el chalten, so what you do is trek into the hills. here i am heading up a path towards what i hoped would be a nice view.
mission accomplished.
afterwards we headed to an outdoor bar and had out inagural beer in el chalten. we sat outside the shack at a picnic table, drinking a quilmes as the raging river behind us was the only noise we could hear.
after the beer we went on another short trek to a waterfall, chorrillo del salto.
horses run freely throughout the area. there were several gathered around the waterfall as we walked up.
i got up close to the falls, and then almost slipped and fell in. lauren took this picture and then refused to look at me anymore as i negotiated the slippery slope.
we went on a 13 hour trek the next day which included a walk to the glacier, a trek upon it, and ice climbing. as we walked from the town and ventured deeper into the mountains the hardcore scenery of el chalten proudly stood up. i could not stop taking pictures.
i could not stop smiling either. i was so glad to be there, exactly where i wanted to spend my birthday.
we trekked towards a glacier at the base of cerro torre, the unreal peak in this photo.
whoa. i was dumbstruck again like when i saw iguazu falls. argentina has some of the best scenery in the world.
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