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Mike's Photos From The Road #98
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trekking towards the glacier torre.
they try to keep the trails as natural as possible by not building intrusive things like bridges, so we had to cross the river on a zip line. you get clipped in and then have to pull yourself over the glacial river on the cable.
lauren on the zip line.
sometimes it felt like we were walking towards a mythical world.
the climb was quite treacherous in some places. lauren followed closely by the guide.
nice place for a walk....
it's a tough climate there but some beautiful things thrive regardless.
we finally got to the top and then descended down to the glacier to trek upon it.
we each put on some crampons so we wouldn't slip on the ice and then began the walk over the glacier torre.
yeah, it was pretty nice.
they were many holes, waterfalls, and pools in the glacier itself. if you wanted a close-up shot you had to hand your camera over to a guide.
my favorite thing of the whole day was drinking out of these glacial pools. you can drink the water from the lakes, streams, and glaciers throughout patagonia; one of the last places in the world that you can still do that.
the glacier was tucked nicely between some spectacular mountains.
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