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i can't fit everything i do and see into the e-mail updates. well i guess i can but no one would read them since they'd be too damn long. thus i occasionally send out another e-mail called random thoughts which contain many of my funny stories, strange experiences, or thoughts from the road. i try to make these interesting; see if i succeeded below.

Mike's Random Thoughts From The Road
#1 - multi-lingual moroccans, my friend the toilet, my ancestery, an unbeatable goalie, unexpected scorpions, and a portuguese race.
#2 - "i should have boxed", a wedding present suggestion, the dangers of cycling in portugal, austin powers quotes, and the moroccan diet.
#3 - plotting dogs, "the breaker", a message in french, "super" americana, jim speaks, and disappering bridges in portugal.
#4 - tweezers, "the fuckers", american fashion, portuguese bullfighting, fun with swedish, more jim morrison, and i miss you.
#5 - attacked in my tent, who's sleeping in my bed?
#6 - "Facts About Spain And Cycling Across It."
#7 - for whom the bell tolls, U2, mosquitoes, a portuguese lightshow, from russia with love, macaroni & cheese, and celine dion.
#8 - my bad wrist in china, a buddhist rejects reincarnation?, get yer hands offa my precious!, an emergency piss on a train, the legend of the giant's causeway, and a mutt that's smarter than me.
#9 - vegemite, suicidal kangaroos, almost-death by cow, canadian imposters, and the 4 worst people in the world.
#10 - the story of my broken back.
#11 - a funny night out in argentina.
#12 - stalked by local women and dreaming of diego maradona during a night out in argentina.
#13 - re-write of random thoughts #11 for a mendoza wine magazine - shorter version.
#14 - my imagined explanation of how the dead's talents are passed on.
#15 - truly random thoughts of a temporarily road-weary traveler.
#16 - die thieves, die. "i swear to you, that is my salami", don't take my music, "give me ham on two, hold the mayo."
#17 - a fictional story about my grandparents offering advice on life, women, and mustard muggings.
#18 - incan gods, my friends, and several musicians team up against me, rekindling my spirit and helping me continue with my trip despite grand theft backpack.
#19 - world-conquering china? learn english now!, todo bem, bruno?
#20 - twin killers, new year's resolutions, hola pedro!, waaahhhh!!!!
#21 - a queen crosses a border.
#22 - take your cash before i murder you.